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Discovering Isola del Garda

Published by in tourism - season 2017 ·

Welcome traveler,
Today we offer you a tour in the enchanting island that emerges into Lake Garda.
This natural spectacle, called Isola del Garda or Isola Borghese, still occupied and managed by the residing family, offers tours throughout the season.

Magical experiences to do on the island of Garda

1) Sailing Ship Cruise 2017

Isola del Garda, in collaboration with Lars Sailing SRL, have come together to offer a really unique excursion.
Every Tuesday, starting from 2nd May 2017 it will be possible to depart from Malcesine at 09:30am, and enjoy the breathtaking views and scenery Lake Garda has to offer, aboard the magnificent Siora Veronica sailing ship This allows visitors to take in the more naturalistic aspects of the lake and takes them back in time, to an age in which motor boats did not yet exist.

2) Visit with wellness program

Feel good is being in harmony with himself and with everything around you.
Lulled by the waves of the lake, the charming atmosphere of the island will welcome you into his embrace made of colorful flowers, lemon scent and wind caresses to bring you into a state of profound peace and reconciled to the land on which you live.

The expert touch of a careful operator will exalt this time raising your perceptions and making it more durable and intense the result of the time they dedicate to rediscover yourself.

An exclusive experience for those who love and want to love each other even more.

- 05/06/2017
- 07/03/2017
- 08/07/2017
- 09/04/2017

3) Guided Tours for Families and Individuals 2017

From Sunday, 9th April until Sunday, 15th October 2017
From April to October, the Borghese Cavazza family opens their family home to visitors; the guided tour takes you through the untouched nature of the park, the beautiful Italian and English gardens, a couple of rooms inside the magnificent and elegant neo-gothic Venetian styel villa from the early 1900's.

Tranfser from Salò, Portese, Gardone, Manerba, San Felice del Benaco to the island:15 min.
Transfer from Maderno to the island: 25 min.
Transfer from Garda, Bardolino, Torri del Benaco, Gargnano and Sirmione to the island: 30 min.

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